Guidelines for the Peace Ambassador Invitation Program of the 22nd APCC

Guidelines for applicants from countries/regions with an established BRIDGE CLUB

The APCC will invite former Junior Ambassadors as ‘Peace Ambassadors (PAs)’ to the 27th APCC during the summer of 2015. PAs will exchange ideas about BRIDGE CLUB (BC) activities and tighten their friendships through various activities in Fukuoka during the APCC invitation project. Similarly PAs will have interaction program with Japanese youths during the Global BRIDGE Leaders (GBL) Training Camp. The aim of GBL training camp is to enhance all the participants’ skills to be a Global BRIDGE Leader. If you are interested in participating in the 27th APCC as a PA, please read the following guidelines thoroughly and apply to come back to Fukuoka!

Schedule of the 27th APCC

From July 10(Fri), 2015 to July 22(Wed), 2015


  1. To foster leaders with a global perspective who promote or launch BRIDGE CLUB activities in their local community.
  2. To nurture Global BRIDGE Leaders and expand a friendship network with the participants and people of Fukuoka.
  3. To support the Junior Ambassadors as a role model in their delegation.

Participation Criteria:

If applicants do not meet this criteria (ex. cannot speak English well, will be away from his/her home country after the PA invitation program, etc.), we may choose to cancel the applicant’s invitation, even after the selection has been made.

Selection Process: BRIDGE CLUB Nomination:

< Applications must reach the BCIO Head Office by February 20 (Fri), 2015. >


BRIDGE CLUB officers:

BCIO Head Office:

Liaison Office:

Selected PAs:

Advertisement for the PA Invitation:

BCIO will advertise the PA Invitation Program through the following channels:

  1. BCIO / APCC website (BCIO: APCC:
  2. APCC e-newsletter ‘One World’
  3. APCC Facebook page
  4. BRIDGE CLUB mailing list
  5. APCC Liaison Offices
  6. Presidents of all BCs

Necessary Documents for PA Application:

Any applications that do not meet these guidelines, (ex. incomplete or missing documents, submitted past the deadline, using an old Application Form, and so forth.) will not be accepted.

The following documents are required for PA application:

  1. Application Form (Must use the Application Form for BC countries.) Download the application form from the BCIO/APCC website. Be careful not to use the old version Application Form.

  2. Short Essay (1 page, A4-sized paper, should be TYPED or sent ELECTRONICALLY)
    Theme: “How has the APCC changed your life? How can you contribute to the APCC in achieving its vision?”
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation
    * One letter of Recommendation must be from your BC President.
    * The second one should be from the Liaison Office.
  4. Curriculum Vitae / Resume of Personal History

The APCC or your Host Family will cover the following PA expenses:

  1. Round-trip airfare including airport tax between Fukuoka and the airport of departure as chosen by the APCC.
  2. Transportation within Japan as designated by the APCC or your Host Family.
  3. Accommodation in Japan or abroad as designated by the APCC or your Host Family.
  4. Meals during the entire stay in Fukuoka

Note: The following expenses will not be paid by the APCC.

  1. Domestic transportation fees between the participants’ homes and your local airport
  2. Expenses incurred for obtaining a passport and/or visa
  3. Any other personal expenses

Insurance for injury and illness during the APCC:

  1. The APCC will purchase an insurance policy for each participant.
  2. The insurance will cover the participants for all injuries and illnesses incurred during the trip. The coverage will begin when the participants leave the designated airport and will run continuously until they arrive back at the airport upon completion of the APCC.

    *Dental treatment and chronic illness such as asthma are NOT covered by this insurance policy. Thus, any expenses incurred and the medicine for the chronic illness will need to be covered by the individual, not by the APCC. If you have some medicine you take for the chronic illness, please make sure to bring it to Japan.

We plan to implement a registration fee for Peace Ambassadors within the range of $10-30 (US dollars) for each. The fee amounts are decided by the APCC office, and are different depending on the countries/regions. Please ask your Liaison Office for more information. *If you don’t know your Liaison Office’s contact information, please contact

About Ramadan: The 27th APCC Invitation Project period coincides with Muslims Holy Festival Ramadan. And we came to know that the main festival Eid al-Fitr will be on 17th July 2015 which is in the middle of the 27th APCC. So please make sure that APCC/BCIO is not going to provide any special facilities for it.

Contact: BCIO Head Office
(c/o The Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in FUKUOKA)
1-10-1-5F Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001 Japan
TEL: +81-92-734-7700 FAX: +81-92-734-7711
BCIO Website:
APCC Website: