The Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention’s in Fukuoka (APCC) 25th Anniversary Global Bridge Convention in Fukuoka 2013

Let’s make movement to nurture Global Bridge Leaders from FUKUOKA!


  • To make all the former APCC participants, promising youths to be Global Bridge Leaders, get together in Fukuoka again in 2013, APCC 25th Anniversary year, to tighten its bond of friendship and to make a new relationship.
  • To share the future APCC vision with prospective supporters including the general public to increase the number of supporters for the coming new projects.
  • To make an opportunity to appeal FUKUOKA as a hub to nurture Global Bridge Leaders to all over Japan and the world.


About 6 days including July 20th, 2013
Main Place:Event Hall, ACROS Fukuoka
International Conference Hall, ACROS Fukuoka
Fukuoka City Hall Square

[Please click here for schedule]

To every one who was involved in APCC somehow in the past

APCC will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2013. We hope that it gives every one, who was involved in APCC in the past like as a Junior Ambassador, as a chaperon, and as a BC member, an opportunity to recall those days and to get involved in APCC again. You may find lots of the familiar faces in Fukuoka in the summer of 2013!
We will make an announcement regarding the 25th anniversary commemorative events step by step through APCC website, but why don’t you start to talk about old times and to share your recent situation with your old friends and families from right now? Many APCC families are connected already through Facebook APCC official page. Please make good use of it to get contact with your precious friends and families again and also to make new APCC friends! Join it inviting other friends who are related to APCC and also who are wiling to take part in APCC from now on!