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the Asian-Pacific Children’s
Convention in FUKUOKA


APCC Projects are grass-roots intercultural exchange programs designed for children to learn to become “Global Citizens” who can respect and understand others with the OMOIYARI spirit.

Invitation Project
APCC invites 11-year old children from various countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific to come to Fukuoka each summer to take part in a homestay and exchange camp program ...Read More

APCC Mission Project
The mission Project is an opportunity for the children of Fukuoka to visit other Asian Pacific countries and regions, and learn their local culture while staying at a host family ...Read More


How can you support the APCC
Do you want to help out at APCC
Projects? There are two major ways to
support out Projects; volunteering and
donation. ...Read More

BRIDGE Project
BRIDGE Project is a network making activity of our alumni. To accelerate the establishment of BRIDGE CLUB in every APCC participating countries and regions and to strengthen the OMOIYARI Global Citizens network, BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO) was launched in 2008. ...Read More


What's APCC?

The Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in FUKUOKA was founded by the Fukuoka Junior Chamber and was part of the 1989 Asian-Pacific Exposition, an event to celebrate Fukuoka City’s 100th anniversary. The APCC is a civic movement which is funded by local governments as well as supported by donations from corporate sponsors and the APCC Supporters’ Association. Historically, Fukuoka has been a contact point for cultural exchange between Japan and other countries in Asia. The APCC is a continuation of this tradition as we head towards a digital age of international communication. By holding the APCC, we hope to foster “Global Citizens”, who are able to think of the world beyond national boundaries and desire world “Peace and Co-existence”. In the hope of making the dream come true, children who will shape the world in the 21st century gather together in Fukuoka and gain mutual understanding of different cultures and traditions through home stay and cultural exchange. APCC is currently known as the biggest international event for children in not only Japan, but the world, and is conducted under the cooperation of local and international citizens, government and business institutes. APCC is no longer just a cultural exchange event, but a proven project that has supported children into becoming “Global Citizens”.


What are the aims and objectives of APCC ?
1. To help children from countries and regions in Asia and the pacific, learn more about each others
      countries, regions and culture through exchange.
2. To promote mutual understanding between the Asia Pacific regions and countries.
3. To nurture an international perspective in youth and foster a supportive environment.

What is the slogan of APCC ?

"We are the BRIDGE: We connect dreams around the world"

What is the Vision of APCC ?
We, as a member of APCC, will become global citizens of an “OMOIYARI” spirit and create a more peaceful world abound with the smiles of our children.
Our vision embraces the idea of modern cultural interaction, through the creation of a place where children can experience, first-hand, our differences and similarities, fostering friendships and peace between participating countries and regions of the Asia-Pacific. It is our hope that children who participate in this exchange program will make long-lasting, “OMOIYARI” friendships with their fellow peers coming from various countries with various backgrounds.

APCC at Glance
Name of Organization The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA
Establishment Data February , 2002
  * Officially registered as a NPO (Not for Profit Organization) and changed its organizational structure.
  * The former body known as "Executive Committee of the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA" was Established in November 1988 and has been continuing the summer invitation program since 1989.

APCC Projects

APCC Invitation Project
APCC invites children from a number of countries and regions in the Asian-Pacific region to Fukuoka to take part in a Home stay and School Visit program. During their time in Fukuoka they spend time at an Exchange camp getting to know children from other countries and regions.

Schedule About two weeks from middle of July ->> See this year’s schedule<PDF file>
Invited countries & regions 40 countries & regions in Asia and the Pacific region ->> See this year’s participants list<PDF file>
Number of participants 2-3 boys and 2-3 girls plus 1 adult chaperon from each country/region
Conditions of participation The children must be 11 years old
Host Families Host families are volunteer families living in Fukuoka Prefecture, mainly in and around Fukuoka City.

APCC Mission Project
The mission Project is an opportunity for the children of Fukuoka to visit Asia pacific countries and regions to introduce Japanese culture and learn local culture. Through local home stay and school life, Japanese children experiences the daily lives of people in the region, teaching them of Japanese culture and building bridges of friendship with local children and other residents. Every year more than 50 children participate in the mission project. These are students from the 4th grade of elementary school through the 3rd year of the junior high school, along with high school student leaders, all chosen through public subscriptions.

APCC Mission Project
To raise Japanese children (11-12 years old) into "Junior Ambassadors" representing Fukuoka, Japan, a group of children selected through public subscription takes part in a year-and-a-half program, in which they go through all the APCC's international exchange programs and then join series of lectures and field trips to explore and learn more about Fukuoka, Japan and the unique culture or history.

How to Support

At the APCC we need volunteers all year round. Currently there are around 600 volunteers registered with the APCC. The APCC introduces new activities to our program every year and we are always looking for people to help with both new and already established activities.

As a volunteer there are a variety of events and activities you can take part in, these activities are outlined in the What is the APCC? section of the website.

What is an APCC volunteer?

 APCC activities are run almost entirely by our volunteer staff. Without volunteers who are willing to give up their free time to make the APCC a success year after year, we would not be able to continue with our activities.   There are a number of ways that you could take part in the APCC as a volunteer, from helping out in the office to translating documents at home and sending them to us via the internet.   To promote international exchange in Fukuoka and the surrounding area we encourage volunteers from all walks of life who are willing to give up some of their free time.

What kinds of people become APCC volunteers?

During the Invitation Project that takes place in July, around 600 people participate in volunteer activities.   These volunteers range from Junior High School students to pensioners.   At present most of our volunteers are young people but in order to maintain a balance within the organization we encourage older people to join in with our activities.

How do I become a volunteer?

 At the APCC we need volunteers all year round. However during the lead up to the Invitation Project in July the office becomes very busy and therefore we are unable to take applications for new volunteers during this period.   Because we recruit volunteers on an annual basis from September, the period that you will be registered as a volunteer will run until the end of August the next year.   If you wish to continue volunteering after September you will need to re-register at the APCC office.

Conditions of registration

1. You must agree with the APCC constitution
2. As a volunteer you need to behave in a responsible manner
3. You must be over the age of 13
4. We do not accept applications from those who wish to promote products or religions
5. You must cover your own expenses

If you are only interested in translation work

1.  Please send us e-mail titled "request for registration form for translation work" to with your name, age, address, occupation and brief self-introduction. Then we will send you a registration form.
2.  Please fill in the form and attach a photo before you send it back to us.
3.  Once you have registered we will send you documents to translate as required.

APCC Supporter’s Association

APCC has its own financial organization to support APCC projects. We always welcome any donations. New members will receive a small present from the “APCC Supporters’ Association.” Please contact us if you are interested.

Membership Fee (One Year)

Supporters:  3,000 yen
Individual Membership:  10,000 yen
Corporate Membership:  30,000 yen

Donations are accepted through the following accounts

1. The Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Ltd. Head office swift address: FKCBJPJTFKA/Account Number: 1128689
2. The Bank of Fukuoka Ltd. Head Office swift address: FKBKJPJT/Account Number: 2639324
3. The Fukuoka Chuo Bank, Ltd. Head Office through the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Fukuoka. Swift Address: BOTKJPJT/Account Number: 292010


BRIDGE Project is a network making activity of our alumni. To accelerate the establishment of BRIDGE CLUB in everyAPCC participating countries and regions and to strengthen the OMOIYARI Global Citizens network, BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO) was launched in 2008.


About BCIO

Since 1989, the APCC has successfully run programs, and commemorated the 10th anniversary by the successful inauguration of the BRIDGE CLUB. At the 20th APCC in 2008, the executive members, Peace Ambassadors from 22 elected countries and regions, decided to establish, the “BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO)”, with an aim to further accelerate the establishment of BCs in currently non-BC countries and regions, and to enhance the building of networks between existing BCs. BCIO is committed to supporting BRIDGE CLUB development and encourages BRIDGE CLUB projects. BCIO merges the strengths of each BC which helps to produce concrete results toward fostering real global citizens. Together the BC Network will actively promote “Respect and Understanding”, in the drive to further develop strong BC’s.

Aims and Objectives of BCIO

1.  To improve and develop BRIDGE CLUB projects
2.  To merge the strengths of each BC to produce concrete results toward fostering real global citizens.
3.  To give a foothold for / support to all APCC participants and local BC members.

Functions of BCIO
1. Support the establishment of new BC
  To cooperate in establishing BRIDGE CLUBs in countries in the Asia Pacific that have not yet been established.
  To plan PA programs.
2. Activating PR & Communication of BC
  To maintain & develop BCIO communication tools. Eg. website, mailing list etc.
     To give support and develop a communication hub for all the former APCC participants and participating countries.
  To organize and manage related information and create development resources. 
3. Strengthening relationships for sustainable development of BC
  To support and promote the Common Activities to all BCs.   To support and promote exchange projects between BCs.
Promise of BCIO

We, BCIO members, promise to achieve "Peace and Co-existence" throughout the world by promoting "Respect and Understanding" between all people and creating a bridge that joins us together. "We are the BRIDGE".

Check BCIO official site