Application Guideline for the VIRTUAL Peace Ambassador Program 2021

Seeing the current situation of COVID-19 and considering the safety of all participants, APCC has decided to organize BRIDGE Summer Camp program in 2021 via ONLINE.
In conjunction with it, PA program this year will be held ONLINE.

The APCC will invite former Junior Ambassadors as ‘Peace Ambassadors (PAs)’ to the 2021 VIRTUAL Peace Ambassador Program to be held as a part of Virtual BRIDGE SUMMER CAMP under BRIDGE KIDS PROGRAM 2021. PAs will exchange ideas about BRIDGE CLUB (BC) activities and tighten their friendships through various online activities. If you are an active member of your BC and interested in participating in the Virtual PA Program as a PA, please read the following guidelines thoroughly and apply before FEBRUARY 28, 2021.

Schedule of the Virtual Peace Ambassador CAMP

April 3, Saturday

June 5, Saturday

August 7, Saturday

Time duration: 2 hours on each day

Schedule of the Virtual BRIDGE SUMMER CAMP (Online program for 2021 JAs)

Virtual BRIDGE Summer Camp will be held from August through October in 2021, not in July.

Each Session will be 1-3 hours long.

Concerning the time zone and weekly holiday, there will be 2 Courses, on Saturdays and on Sundays

*PAs will be assigned together with JAs in the same course. The main responsibility of PA is to support JAs and make them actively involved in group work. The detail information and time schedule will be announced in March.


1. To foster leaders with a global perspective who promote or lead BRIDGE CLUB activities in their local community.

2. To nurture Global BRIDGE Leaders and expand a friendship network with the participants.

3. To support the Junior Ambassadors as a role model and prepare them for Virtual BRIDGE Summer Camp.

4. To exhibit his/her experience and ability as former JA and contribute to the operation of Virtual BRIDGE Summer Camp.

Download VIRTUAL PA Program Application Guideline

If you have any questions, please contact: