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Thank you very much for participating in the “OMOIYARI” Art Contest. We have received 319 art pieces that uniquely express “OMOIYARI” spirit from 20 different countries and regions.
Among all the submitted art pieces, our sponsors have selected the winners of the PIETORO Award, KUBARA HONKE Award and FUKUYA Award. Additionally, the Special Award is given by Ms. Yuri Yoshinaga, a renounced artist based in Fukuoka. Please also find out who won the APCC Operating Director Award, APCC Best Award and the APCC Outstanding Award! Congratulations! Please get in touch with the heartwarming OMOIYARI spirit through beautifully created art pieces.

#177 たけだ ひなこ (10), 日本/Japan

I hope to make the earth and people on it become as bright as sunflowers when I drew the picture.

Comment from the judge:This picture is painted with the hope for the earth and people to become as bright as sunflowers in mind. So, the girl seems to be full of kindness and a happy mood.

#269 Eesha(20) , インド/India
Helpful and content as everyone should be

This OMOIYARI drawing represents various aspects of life where one can be sympathetic and lend a helping hand- whether it be towards another human, animal or the mother earth !

構図がしっかりしていて、色使いも良く、 「おもいやり」に溢れている、とても素晴らしい絵です。 細かい描写も感心いたしました。
Comment from the judge:It’s a wonderful painting with a strong composition and a good use of color. Your painting is overflowing with the OMOIYARI spirit, and I was impressed by the detailed descriptions as well.

#3 KOSEI (8) &YUIKA(5), 日本/Japan
OMOIYARI over the dimension!

If anyone’s crying, just give your hand of OMOIYARI without thinking. We wii.

Comment from the judge:This is a heartwarming and smily picture because I can feel childness and child purity for child’s behavior.

#30 山口峻生 (9), 日本/Japan

This picture shows high-touches across Fujiyama. I have drawn the rockets and stars around the picture very well too.

Comment from the judge:The picture successfully portrays the image of energy and high spirits sprouting through hands stretching out and doing high-touches over the Fujiyama as a symbol of Japan.

㈱YURI WORLD 取締役社長アーティスト 
1984.5.5 北九州市生、福岡市在住 画家、Illustrator、Yuri produce ART SHOP エドマッチョ経営
現在 福岡パルコ本館5階から九州のアーティストのお店『ARTSHOPエドマッチョ』を全国展開中

#103 ARMAN(17), インド/India
Developing a sense of Omoiyari at a very young age

自然を尊重し、年長者に敬意を示す子どもたちを描いたものです。幼い頃におもいやりや理解を深めることが、日常生活の中でどのように重要な役割を果たすことができることかということを示しています。 図面の背景でお辞儀をしている姿を表しました。
It depicts children respecting nature and showing sympathy towards their elders.It shows us that how children could play a vital part in their everyday lives as they develop a sense of compassion and understanding at a very young age. A person is also seen bowing in the background of the drawing.

Comment from the judge:We human beings are only a part of the many living things on earth and in nature, and I feel that we cannot forget the gratitude for all things. I also felt as though the folded hands represented a sense of gratitude and circulation. It’s an impressive, well-composed drawing with a good balance of light and shadow.

#107 Bach Duong (10), ベトナム/Vietnam
Helping friend with disabilities to go to school

She had an accident when she was out with her family. Unfortunately, she couldn’t walk anymore, but she really would like to go to school to study with her friends and we helped her to bring happiness to her.

Comment from the judge:Your painting, which portrays a bond between you and your friend who was injured in an accident, was right for the theme of this contest: OMOIYARI. The use of colors in this drawing that somehow reminded me of Asia was also memorable.

#106 Tsu Yamin (24), ミャンマー / Myanmar
Planting OMOIYARI Tree inside all of us!

よく育った木には味のある果物が育ち、木が育っていくように、 幼少期におもいやりの心を育むと、世界市民として幸せで成功した人へ成長します。
Just as a well-nurtured tree bears flavorsome fruits, when when people cultivate OMOIYARI spirit since young, they will become happy and successful global citizens as they grow up.

Comment from the judge:There is a perfect balance between the strength of the tree and the cuteness of the heart-shaped fruits convey. This tree which grew up with children must be is going to get taller and taller. We should also keep it in mind that there are people who are taking care of the root of the tree.

#255 Emi Takatsuka (13), ハワイ / Hawaii
An Accepting World

This drawing shows peoples peace hands in a circle with the world in the middle. There are people of all different cultures whose hands are being shown. The earth in the middle of the hands represents the world being cared for by all of the people whose hands are depicted. This is omoiyari spirit because for everyone to come together you need respect and understanding for another or the omoiyari spirit.

Comment from the judge:This painting is successful in showing how people of different skintones and cultures are all supporting the earth, which is painted with the bright colours that pop.

#17 Prem (12), バングラデシュ / Bangladesh
OMOIYARI for Each Other

この絵は今世界的にコロナウイルスが流行している中で、どのように手を取り合い助け合っっていくかを表しています。 衛生的に、感染しないためのルールに則り過ごしましょう。
In this drawing have shown how to help each other in pandemic. Keep each other hygienie and obey the rules of hygienic.

Comment from the judge:The picture shows how people of different occupations manage to help each other and live together. The use of colour is also impressively vibrant.

#114 Maisha Maliha Siddique (21) , バングラデシュ/ Bangladesh
Table of Happiness

I wanted to emphasize the respected and understandable communication. I draw my own family where all are helping each other in everyday work during this pandemic situation of COVID-19. Where my father is serving food to my grandfather, my grandmother is feeding the child and I am also helping my mother in fetching dishes. Also, my younger brother who is small but trying his best to help us. Thus, I reflect the “OMOIYARI” spirit through my drawing.

Comment from the judge:When I first saw your drawing, I thought of a host family living somewhere enjoying each other’s company. I chose this drawing hoping that everyone will be able to enjoy homestaying like this again next year.

#118 Kate_Najthip (12), タイ/Thailand

We made the world and the world is where we live. We build the world together and we paint the world together. We respect together and we grow together. Never mind if it goes wrong. We will fight together because we’re the ones. It is the color of happiness and peace.

審査員よりコメント:子供たちが絵を書いている姿を、あえて上から見ている構図が面白いです。 お花いっぱいの世界を描いている子供達の表情をつい想像してしまいます。ハトもお手伝いをしているのかな?
Comment from the judge:You composed this drawing very well by portraying these children from above. I couldn’t help but imagining the faces of these children drawing a world full of flowers. Are pigeons helping them draw as well?

#282 Sanchi (12), インド / India

Diverse world and we should respect others

Comment from the judge:The picture beautifully merges the strength of “women” and the preciousness of “nature”. I found it beautiful that you portrayed your thoughts and emotions on the dress using lots of colors.

#170 おがわ かなめ (10), 日本 / Japan

Now, discrimination between black and white people is a big problem. I want everyone to get along well.

Comment from the judge:The point of view is shaking hands between two arms with different skin tones. There were several works of the same composition, but I have a good impression of the powerful use of colors and touch.

#34 田中虎太郎 (10), 日本/Japan

I drew it in the sense that animal’s and human’s hearts are one. What I did particularly well was to break the ball. I drew it as if it were real.

Discription:Let’s unite our hearts! The joyful atomosphere in which the ball of blessings made me and everyone happy. It’s drew symmetrically, in a balanced, refreshing tone.

#88 松田ひまり (12), 日本 / Japan

I tried my best to make the skin color. I imagined everyone raising their hands with a rock. I used bright color to make the letters stand out. I tried my best to imitate the letters that my teacher made for me.

審査員よりコメント:皆で拳を突き上げている姿が印象的で、作者のOMOIYARIに対する考えが素直に伝わる作品になっており、選ばせて頂きました。 様々な肌の色合いを優しく表現し、全体的にも明るい色使いが前向きで良いなと思いました。
Comment from the judge:I like it because it was impressive to see everyone thrusting up their fists and it’s a work that conveyed the author’s thoughts on compassion honestly. I thought it would be nice to express various skin shades gently, and to use bright colors as a whole.

#222 いっちゃん (10), 日本 / Japan

Just as how countries should not fight with each other, hands are held together. When I drew the picture, I decidedly to put animals in a pair which in real life usually cannot hold hands together.

Comment from the judge:The picture shows a fun and happy atmosphere in which animals wearing differently stylised and characteristic clothings on the big earth. Unseen in the nature, the animals pair up and hold their hands together. Just from the looks of the animals showing the feelings of living in peaceful days, this picture brings smiles to people.

#207 しゅな (10), 日本 / Japan

Comment from the judge:Even though we have different skin colours of hair colours, everyone can be friends together and go across the world.

Comment from the judge:The picture leaves an impression by its different smiles and colourful national flags. The judges are attracted by how the earth smiles.

Thank you for your participation. Here are all the submitted art pieces!

特別協賛 : ふくや ピエトロ 久原本家
Special supporter : FUKUYA PIETRO  Kubara Honke