What is APCC for you ?

The children who had the experience of connecting to the world with a flexible mind through the APCC program have grown into young adults who will lead the future. In addition, APCC is supported not only by children, but also by their families, volunteers, staff, partners, and supporting companies.

APCC has made the entire Asia-pacific a home — wherever I travel, I have a family.

Ngawang Gyeltshen
ブータン / Bhutan
1989年こども大使 / JA 1989
国連開発計画(UNDP) プログラムコーディネーター /
Programme Coordinator, UNDP

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APCC is all about my soul and my whole life.

Hatsavanh Haemany
ラオス / Laos
1991年こども大使 / JA 1991
SHICHIDA Laos・IZUMI (日本式教育機関) Laos 理事長 / The owner of SHICHIDA Laos and IZUMI Laos *The Japanese Education Method

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APCC is the place where we can dream together, play together, smile together even cry together.

Turjoy Chowdhury
バングラデシュ / Bangladesh
2002年こども大使 / JA 2002
フォトグラファー /
Architect, Documentary
Photojournalist & Multimedia Artist
Photographer – National Geographic Magazine
Member of The Photo Society (TPS)

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APCC gave me a second family, my host family in Fukuoka. We are still a family today, 28 years after I first met them at APCC.

Lindsay Mackay
オーストラリア / Australia
1992年こども大使 / JA 1992
弁護士 / Lawyer

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How I first learned that “It’s okay to be different”

藤田 百華さん Momoka Fujita
ホストファミリー、派遣型事業へ参加。18年にブリッジクラブジャパンプレジデントに就任。現在西南学院大学 国際文化学部 国際文化学科2年。(2020年現在) /
Participated in homestay program, mission projects(BRIDGE challenge trip), President of Bridge Club Japan in 2018. Seinan Gakuin University. (As of 2020)

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Raising children who will spread their dreams from Fukuoka to the world

遠入 哲司さん Ennyu Tetsuji
1993年よりイベント企画・ホストファミリー、スクールビジット事業に参加。福岡市立田隈小学校 校長、福岡市国際教育研究会 会長。(2020年現在)
Participated in homestay program, supported performance event and school visit program as a staff.
Principal of Taguma Elementary School,
Chairman of Fukuoka City International Education Study Group. *As of 2020

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APCC made me feel closer to the world

貞松 陽菜さん Haruna Sadamatsu
Volunteer (Camp division, GBLAP leader, Performance event)

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It has been more than 30 years since I started supporting APCC

川原 正孝 様 / Masataka Kawahara
株式会社ふくや 代表取締役会長
APCC Board member
Vice President of APCC
Supporter’s Association
Chairman, Representative Director of FUKUYA Co., Ltd.

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The results of APCC have become a valuable asset not only for Fukuoka but also for the Asian-Pacific regio

是澤 優 様 / Atsushi Koresawa
国連ハビタット 福岡支部 本部長 /
APCC Advisory GroupDirector
United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

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My APCC Journey

木本 香苗 / Kanae Kimoto
常務理事 , 事務局長
Managing Director & Secretary General
Asian Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka

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The most significant impact of the APCC for me was becoming more open-minded.

Jemima Montag
オーストラリア /Australia
2009年こども大使 / JA 2009
オリンピック出場選手 / Olympian
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